Oak Creek Farm

About Us

Having grown up on a farm, I was eager to get back to the life when my husband and I purchased our acreage in south central Iowa in 2011. I already owned two horses, but we wanted to expand our animal family and learn new things in the process. We decided on sheep, and, oh my, have we learned new things! Our desire was to have a flock of high quality fiber-producing sheep, and of course, we wanted lambs each year too. Thus, our business plan began.

I researched sheep, as I'd never had sheep in my life before; and we decided on breeds from this research. We bought a small flock of ewes, then learned that they do not produce the kind of fiber that handspinners are looking for. When I went looking for good fiber sheep, I discovered the Romney and Romeldale/CVM breeds. We've always been conservationists, so I was delighted to learn that Romeldale/CVMs are a rare breed, with conservation efforts under way. We could be a part of something great, while meeting our business goals! We purchased our second starter flock, and we've been learning ever since.

Throughout this journey, We have had, and will continue to have a number of goals, to which we are very committed. First, we aim to raise high quality, happy and healthy animals, and we plan to do it in ways that are sustainable and environmentally conscientious. Additionally, we wish to offer the best possible costumer service with honesty and integrity. My husband and I value these qualities both personally, and professionally. Finally, we intend to work toward the conservation of the Romeldale/CVM breed, through regular business practices, as well as active involvement in community and fiber events. Oh, and of course we plan to continue to learn!

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