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Fleeces and Fiber

We sell both Romney and Romeldale fleeces. All of our fiber sheep are jacketed year-round to protect the wool and maintain maximum wool cleanliness. Additionally, the fleeces are well-skirted to remove any heavily soiled wool and unwanted particles like vegetable matter or second cuts. Our ewes are sheared prior to lambing in late winter, and our rams are sheared in late May or early June. 
*When available, our fleeces are posted on Facebook. Follow us to get the updates immediately*

A Bit About Wool
Wool is a fiber that fits beautifully into sustainable living. It is a renewable, natural resource with a host of exceptional qualities that make it a great choice for many applications. Because wool provides sheep with a barrier against all the elements of nature, it makes sense that it has developed into such a durable and versatile fiber. 
Because it is a natural fiber, wool is nature-friendly. Sheep grow wool year-round, making it highly renewable. It requires less energy to produce than synthetic fibers as well. Wool is biodegradable. It has a high nitrogen content, so it can be composted to provide nutrients back to the earth.
Sheep use their wool to protect themselves through changing seasons. Over time, their wool has become well adapted to this end. As a result, wool has several properties that make it useful to people as well. For example, wool naturally has a high level of UV protection, and it is flame retardant. If it does burn, the fumes are less toxic than synthetic material. Wool is also non-allergenic. Not only is it not known to be an allergen itself, but it does not promote the growth of bacteria. Perhaps its most commonly known quality is wool's ability to provide excellent insulation. Wool has unique water absorbtion and release properties that make it breathable , and allow it to insulate against both cold and heat. Wool can retain warmth, even when wet.
Finally, the natural crimp of wool fibers make it durable and elastic. Good wool fiber resists breakage and will return to its natural form, even after repeated manipulations of the fibers. Wool also naturally absorbs sound, giving it a sound dampening quality that make it a great choice for carpeting, rugs, and wall-hangings, where noise is an issue.

Feedback on Our Fiber:

"I've had other lamb tips just crumble in my fingers- this stuff is delicate in texture but not in constitution. It's very sturdy,
I'm not losing any to breakage.  Must be diet & care. Also, where are all of the second cuts? There's supposed to be a
bunch of stupid nubbies for me to have to pick out. ...
And I can only begin to describe my enchantment with Luthor's
fleece. It is somehow luminescent. In short, your wool is magnificent. It's completely surpassed all expectations.
Thank you!"
--Wendy, Pennsylvania

"Great staple length. Nice and uniform! Good handle and luster."
--Judge's remarks, Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival Fleece Show

"Strong locks! Yellowing from lanolin will wash out. No breaks, very uniform crimp! Great little fleece!
--Judge's remarks, Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival Fleece Show "I washed some of Gem's fleece and couldn't wait to spin it. It is wonderful. I wanted to let you know how happy and grateful I am that you coated both Gem and Genoa. Their fleece was so very clean. Thank you. I tell everyone you are my shepherdess. You can tell you truly care for your animals." --Lori, Alaska

      "I just washed (Alicia's fleece) this afternoon and it's the cleanest, nicest fleece I've worked with yet - thank you! It's drying on towels inside - it's so hard to wait for it to dry - I want to start combing and spinning it now, it's so beautifully soft."       --Dawn, Iowa

Processed Wool
Subject to the seasons, we have Romney roving and Romeldale/CVM combed top available. We also produce scoured and carded crafting wool. Please contact us to receive more information on what products we currently have on hand, as well as pricing. 
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