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We were very fortunate to get a rather large load of leftover pumpkins after Halloween this year! We were able to feed them daily for almost a full month! The sheep love them, and they are a nutritious supplement to their regular rations. This is always a good thing going into winter in Iowa! Did I mention that pumpkin seeds are also have natural anti-parasite properties?

Brina, one of our guardian llamas, watches the lamb flock while they all trim the grass surrounding the garden. We plant our garden within the fences of one of our sheep winter paddocks, so the ground is very fertile. After harvest, the sheep get to clean up all the left over vegetables, leaves, and stalks. It is a win-win situation!

A processed Romney fleece from our flock from shearing February 2014.

Lambing 2014: Berlin, pictured on right, is a solid moorit Romeldale ewe lamb born here this spring. She is one of a set of triplets. 

Edison doesn't mind the snow at all!

Our Romney ram Edison with Lara. We hope this pairing will produce a lovely lamb or two who can join our flock.

In my adult Romeldale breeding group, Laurel the ram checks on all of his girls.

There is still some grass left for these Romney lambs to graze this fall.

Sasha, our llama, stands vigil over the ewes resting in the shade of a tree.

To the right: We bought new Romney ewe lambs this year. Two of the three are pictured here. They make a beautiful addition to our farm!

Our spring 2013 lambs were happy to be out grazing on the pasture.

Genoa is a registered Romeldale. She delivered triplets to us this spring!

Eve, our Border Collie, helps us out when it comes time to work the flock.

Genoa's triplets at one week old. They are snuggled in the creep pen, enjoying the warmth of their new sweatshirts. These lambs will be coated throughout their lives on our farm to protect their wool.

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